Team Hong Kong

Httpool has established strong local presence across its markets with highly experienced local teams.    

    Angie Chung

    Angie has more than 10 years of media sales and publisher development experience. An entrepreneur with well-established connection with most of the key advertising agencies and publishing media groups. She is leading the publisher development in Httpool Asia.

    Angie Chung,
    Managing Director
    Charlene Ree

    Charlene is an international digital marketing professional with over 10 years of experience managing online marketing initiatives and has proven success helping global brands over achieve their objectives. She is currently the head of client servicing in Httpool Asia.

    Charlene Ree,
    Managing Partner
  • Franky Wong

    E: franky@httpool.hk
    P: +852 2851 8515

    Franky Wong,
    Senior Key Account Manager
  • Victor Lee

    E: victor@httpool.hk
    P: +852 2851 8761

    Victor Lee,
    Key Account Manager
  • Fung Lam

    E: fung@httpool.hk
    P: +852 2851 0121

    Fung Lam,
    Senior Account Manager
  • Solly Leung

    E: solly@httpool.hk
    P: +852 2851 8721

    Solly Leung,
    Senior Account Manager
  • Stephen Or

    E: Stephen@httpool.hk
    P: +852 2815 1981

    Stephen Or,
    Account Manager
  • Fiona Tang

    E: fiona@httpool.hk
    P: +852 2815 8701 

    Fiona Tang,
    Account Manager
  • Kathy Chan

    E: kathy@httpool.hk
    P: +852 2851 8781

    Kathy Chan,
    Project Manager
  • Mike Cheung

    E: mike@httpool.hk
    P: +852 2851 8791

    Mike Cheung,
    Senior Account Executive
  • Wendy Li

    E: wendy@httpool.hk
    P: +852 2157 4096 

    Wendy Li,
    Account Executive
  • Donna Chan

    E: donna@httpool.hk
    P: +852 2157 3225 

    Donna Chan,
    Account Executive
  • Joe Chung

    E: joe@httpool.hk
    P: +852 2157 3049

    Joe Chung,
    Account Executive
  • Katherine Wong

    E: katherine@httpool.hk
    P: +852 2157 3737 

    Katherine Wong,
    Account Executive
  • Kitty Kan

    E: kitty@httpool.hk
    P: +852 2851 8081

    Kitty Kan,
    Office Manager
  • Jean Lyn

    E: jean@httpool.hk
    P: +852 2815 3981

    Jean Lyn,
    Senior Finance Manager