How Superbet increased conversion rate with Snapchat Advertising

Since 2008, Superbet has been delivering top-quality online and offline betting services for sports fans across Central and Eastern European markets. In Romania, the sports betting bookmaker reached new peaks of popularity, as Superbet became a sponsor for the first football league, earning them their highest app download results. They accomplished impressive results in the market, whilst also building a solid presence across leading social media platforms.


lower CPI

6.5 mio



increase in app install

The Objective

Superbet sought the assistance of Httpool by Aleph to increase their app install rate among the target audience and decrease CPI. The campaign was targeted at young people over the age of 18, with the aim of delivering at least 15% higher app conversions, funneling customers’ interests to the Romanian football Superliga. While the campaign focused on attaining audiences, concurrently, our Snapchat ads sought to bring attention to Superbet’s services.

Superbet needed a solution to boost conversion rates, and Snapchat was the perfect choice of platform, with 40% of its user base being within Superbet’s target audience range. Through September 2022, each objective had a dedicated Snapchat campaign to test the platform’s advertising multi-format.

Through the AR lens, our audience could support their favorite clubs by painting their faces with the clubs’ colors. Users could finish their AR experience by clicking on the CTA and downloading the app.

The Solutions

The campaign's main focus was testing a multi-format approach to maximize the goals and complete the full funnel. Story ads were used to spark the audience’s interest in the Superliga and Superbet’s app. The broad targeting of Story ads reached an expansive range of audiences and fundamentally increased the install rate. With this method, Superbet could lay their necessary foundations to succeed in growing its customer base.

Simultaneously alongside Story Ads, Superbet also ran daily Snap Ads, displaying the most exciting matches of the week. The Snap Ads had the single but important objective of retargeting people who downloaded the app, but yet didn’t convert. With narrowed-down efforts on completing conversions, Superbet could increase in-app purchases, and expand its customer base. In addition, Superbet used Appsflyer to track users’ activities and campaign progression, including audience insights and responses to the ads.

To engage the users in a new and innovative way, Superbet used Snapchat’s immersive Augmented Reality (AR) lens, allowing users the experience of painting their faces with their favorite clubs’ colors. The AR lens, equipped with a call-to-action button, helped not only increase traffic, but also overall app downloads.

The Results

In the first month alone, the campaign achieved over 6.5 million impressions! Snapchatters shared our AR lenses 9000 times, while 11000 people saved products of our advertising efforts. On average, users played with Superbet s AR lens for 30 seconds which overachieved the benchmark by 400%. The campaign delivered higher app conversion by 91% compared to previous efforts. By collaborating with Httpool by Aleph, Superbet has achieved a lower CPI of 42%, while increasing the app install rate by 35%. Thanks to the partnership, Superbet were able to interact with their audience on a more immersive level and achieve admirable results with multi-format advertising solutions. Superbet & Snapchat App Install Multi-format Campaign’ was awarded 2 SoMoBorac awards. First place with special mention by Httpool award in SoMo Advertising category and finalist in SoMo Advertising, SOMO GLOBAL category.

“It was such a great honor to be the first betting client from the Romanian market and achieving such great success for our Multiformat campaign approach on Snapchat, thanks to AR lenses in combination with standard Snap ads and Story ads. Using AR in combination with other formats helped us to interact with our users on a high new interactive level.”

Miloš Tomić, Global App Growth Manager, Superbet